What does this site offer?

On this site you can find an overview of the available performance parts contained in NFS World.

Overview of performance parts

Every available performance part is listed here. Click on an icon to open up a popup to get informations about its finding places.

Track list

Divided into race modes, every part won on its respective track is listed here. You can also click on it.

Droplocation chart

The chart displays all parts summarized. You can figure out what part is won from what track.

Update history

The picture shown here displays at which time I added how much parts to the list. You can use it to deduce the current rate of won performance parts.

You can click on the track names on the overview and track list to open up a map that displays the route of the respective track.

How can I contribute?

To extend the overview, I track the following forums:

To contribute, you can log in into the EA forums using your NFS World account. Thus, you don't need to create another account.

Frequently asked questions

What does the different colors of the parts mean?

On the official web site, you can find an explanation regarding performance tuning.

Furthermore, you can find threads on the forums that additionally explains the system of the performance parts.

Why are some parts marked with an US flag and a german flag, respectively?

The overview exists bilingually. Parts that are won in one language region only are marked in the other ones with a respective flag.

Why are some parts marked with a sad smiley?

Parts having a sad smiley needed a postprocessing for some text removal or for a resolution change. A repost of these parts would be very appreciated.

What does the small superscript number after a track name mean?

The number indicates the event mode the respective part was won from:

  • ¹ Multi Player
  • ² Private Race
  • ³ Single Player

When you hover the cursor over a number, the meaning of it will be displayed. If there are ¹² after a track name, it means that the part was both won in Multi Player and Private Race.